Additional Facts About The House Of Representatives!

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 We’ve done quite a few blogs on The House of Representatives, but there was some information we simply did not get to explore. So, today we’ll be looking at additional facts about The House of Reps. that are super interesting.


Let’s Get Started…


There Are 435 Members


The original amount in The House of Representatives was 65, however it grew overtime. In fact it got so big, that a congressional limit of 435 members was passed in 1911.


They Can Serve Unlimited Terms


A member of the house serves a two-year term before going up for re-election. As long as they get voted in again, they can serve as many terms as they wish.


They Have Special Leaders


The House of Representatives has 4 executive leaders (we ca totally do another blog on each chamber if you guys would like), this keeps the congressional chamber in order and permits everything to operate as smoothly as possible.


They Need The Senate


This goes both ways between the House of Representatives and the Senate—they simply work as a well-oiled machine and need each other to operate.


Let us know in the comments if you enjoyed these super interesting facts about the Senate—we’ll still be doing continuous research and will provide additional blogs later.


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