Bill Clinton -

Bill Clinton

Born in Hope, Arkansas on August 19, 1946—Clinton struggled in his early years as his father (William Jefferson Blythe Jr.) passed away in an auto-mobile accident just three months before his birth. Clinton was raised primarily by his grandparents, because his mother (Virginia Clinton Kelley) decided to attend and complete nursing school. Clinton attended St. Johns Catholic Elementary School, and his mother returned with his stepfather (Roger Clinton) who ended up adopting him as his own and giving him his last name as well. Clinton later went on to study at Hot Springs High School, where he dedicated his teen years to music and played the tenor saxophone. When it was time for Clinton to go to college, he ended up at Georgetown University, studying foreign affairs. Upon graduating with his undergraduate degree, Clinton received a scholarship to continue his studies at Oxford University. After about a year, he received an offer to study at Yale Law School, and left Oxford to pursue it.

After graduating from Yale Law School, Clinton moved to Dallas Texas to spend some time working with the future two-term mayor of Dallas (Ron Kirk) and the future governor of Texas (Ann Richards). After aiding others in their successful political efforts, Clinton decided to try it out for himself. After continuous campaigning he was elected as the Governor of Arkansas. Clinton was able to keep his position as Governor for ten years. Once he decided to put his efforts elsewhere, he announced his candidacy for United States president on October 3, 1991—and ended up racking in the votes from both republican and democrat states.

Bill Clinton was sworn in as the 42nd president on January 20, 1993. He immediately began working on economic policies, better known as Clintonomics, and was able to maintain the longest economic expansion in American History. Clinton also created a significant drop in unemployment rates and homelessness, along with various educational reform movements to improve student performance and expand student access to new technologies. Unfortunately, Clinton was impeached on charges of perjury and obstruction of justice by the House of Representatives, however once it reached the senate he was acquitted of all charges. Later, Clinton admitted to lying under oath regarding his relationship with his intern (Monica Lewinsky) on national television. As a result of his confession, Clinton was disbarred (prohibited from practicing law) in the state of Arkansas and in front of the Supreme Court.

Clinton finished out his second term of his presidency, and officially ended on January 20, 2001. Today, Clinton is still relevant in politics, as his wife (Hillary Clinton) ran in the latest presidential election but lost to our current president (Donald Trump). Even though Clinton is no longer directly in the political spotlight you’ll still see him giving speeches, fundraising, and establishing various charitable organizations.


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