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"Conspiracy Theories of Our Nation—The Illuminati"

Hello Fellow American,


We have done so many blogs for our fellow patriots, all the way from constitutional history to the best museums to visit in our nation—but now we think it’s time to spice things up. That’s why we decided to start a whole new series called “Conspiracy Theories of Our Nation.” This will cover everything from presidential assassinations to federal information that has been hidden from us.


And today we decided to start with the age-old social group better know as the Illuminati. This was an alleged group of people formed in the 18th century who were thought to be responsible for the French Revolution. And now there are theories that this group of individuals still exist with the main goal of ruining the nation and scaring our citizens.   


In the present day, the Illuminati is allegedly made up of A list celebrities and various millionaires to create a social power construct that could ruin our nation. Some have even joked that our current president is part of all this madness and that his time in office has been a ploy to destroy our country.


This notion can also be applied to “fake news,” people part of this alleged social construct can be paying off people or using one of their abundant connections to spread horrible and false things about our president, nation, and foreign entities.


Overall, this group of people may or may not exist in the present day, there is currently no real trace of these individuals. The only thing we have is historical context and reason to believe that specific parties are still involved in this type of affiliation.


So, if you have any other information on this underground construct feel free to let us know in the comments. And if you have any questions we’d be happy to answer them to the best of our ability.


See You Later Patriot!!!


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