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Different Sectors Of The President's Cabinet Part I

Hello Fellow Americans,

Since our last blog, you’ve all been super curious what each part of the Presidential Cabinet consists of, and today we’ll be discussing each part in this 4-part blog series!


So, let’s get started…


Department of Agriculture


This department of the president’s cabinet makes sure food is properly grown and prepared for citizens consumption. You might know this sector better as the USDA—which has been responsible to safely feed the nation since 1898.

Department of Commerce


This department has to do primarily with the national economy and focuses on running government programs and working on technological innovations to boost the economy. Along with this, the department of commerce also assists in various trade agreements with foreign nations.

Department of Education

This department promotes the growth and success of education on a national level. They also aid in keeping the level of educational performance competitive and top tier.

Department of Defense


This department primarily focuses on militaristic matters and defending our country. This includes branches like the Navy, Army, Air Force, and much more. This is proven to be the government’s largest agency and continues to only grow.

So, let us know in the comments if you have any questions regarding the departments discussed. We look forward to further explore the President’s Cabinet in the next blog!


See You Later Patriot!!!


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