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Different Sectors Of The President's Cabinet Part III


Hello Fellow Americans,

Welcome to part 3 of our blogs on the Presidential Cabinet, where we’ll be discussing each department of the cabinet in a four-part series!


So, let’s get started…


Department of the Interior


This department is primarily responsible for land conservation—meaning they manage national property and protect our land.


Department of State


This department deals with foreign relations regarding diplomacy with almost 200 other countries.


Department of Labor 

This department primarily deals with the American workforce. Between job training, wages, discrimination in the work place, safe working conditions, and unemployment benefits...they handle it all! 



Department of Transportation 

This department is responsible for public transportation around the United States. This way citizens are guaranteed safe and fast commutes. 


So, let us know in the comments if you have any questions regarding the departments discussed. We look forward to further explore the President’s Cabinet in the next blog!


See You Later Patriot!!!