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Do You Think Trump Will Win In 2020???

Hello Fellow Americans,

 We have already talked about why you should vote for Trump in the upcoming election (link here:, but we never got a chance to speak upon Trumps chances of winning the election. So, today we’re going to dive into some solid statistical data on Trumps chances to stay for a second term.

In order to do this, we must look at the 2016 presidential election…

This is the statistics for the popular vote, which came extremely close—but Trump ultimately ended up winning by a landslide.


Next is the electoral College vote, which is outlined by state here—it’s easy to see Trump’s 304 to Clintons 227 secured his victory.


Now let’s take into consideration the world around us today—with the economy at a low and a crisis amongst us, it’s going to be commons sense to choose a president who will help the nation economically prosper.

 Now that Biden is in the main democratic nominee—it seems like a no brainer who’d be able to truly help the nation through a crisis come out stronger and better.


So, based on past statistics and the current state of our nation—it seems that Trump may have a good chance of winning this upcoming election.


Let us know in the comments what you guys think and make sure to vote!


Stay Strong Patriot!!!


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