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Born June 14, 1946 in the New York City borough of queens, trump has lived a rather exciting life. After attending the New York Military Academy in 1964 he decided to attend Wharton School of Finance at the University of Pennsylvania and major in economics. Once he graduated, he moved back home to New York City and worked for his father's muti-billion-dollar real estate company—The Trump Organization—hard work at its finest!

Fast forward to the year 1999, where there had been speculation on Trump running for president as part of the reform party. In an interview with Chris Matthews he said, “It's not so much the Reform Party, it's really the fact that I'd want to make that if I ran and spent a lot of money I could actually win, I could beat that Democrat-Republican apparatus." This gave people immense hope in seeing Donald Trump in the Oval Office circa 2000.  However, Trump decided to not run for president and instead put his efforts towards his hit NBC show “The Apprentice” and decided to run when the timing felt better.

Now let’s get onto the part you have all been waiting for—when America was graced with our current president Donald J. Trump. It all started on July 16th when Trump finally announced his candidacy for president as he talked about all the exciting things, he planned to do like build the wall to block off the U.S. border of Mexico. Following this, we got to follow him on his super exciting campaign trail and come December of 2015 he had been in the lead as he dominated over 30% of republican polls. After a long and gruesome campaign going head-to-head with his democrat opponent, Hilary Clinton, he had won with 304 votes from the electoral college.

After being sworn in on January 20 2017  he began working almost immediately  and his “F**k You” type of personality has certainly found his way into his presidency as he created 4 million new jobs for the American people, over $450 billion dollars being poured back into the economy, and best of all HUGE TAX CUTS!!!

So, as we go into the new election season remember “Fuck Your Feelings, Trump 2020" 

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