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History Of The Senate!!!

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After our last blog, we really thought our we finished our blogs regarding the Senate, but you guys simply would not allow it (which we totally appreciate).You said you wanted more historical facts about the Senate and we’re here to provide.


Let’s Get Started…

Originally Elected By State Legislature


This didn’t change until the seventeenth amendment was enacted where the people of the state elect the senators instead of the legislature.


Name Comes From Ancient Rome


That’s right, the name “Senate” comes from the governmental branch established originally  by Rome.


Paid A Set Salary

Since the year 2013, a senator’s salary was topped off at $174,000.00 a year, including retirement and health benefits.


Elections Are Staggered


In order to avoid inconsistent results, Senators are staggered so that 1/3 of the senate will be elected every two years.


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