House Of Representative History!

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After our last blog, we really thought we’d be moving on to discuss the Senate, but you guys simply would not allow it (which we totally appreciate). You said you wanted more historical facts about the House of Representatives and we’re here to provide.


Let’s Get Started…


Woman Weren’t Always Allowed In Congress


That’s right, woman simply were not permitted to serve as a member of the House of Reps. until 1916. The first woman elected was named Jeannette Rankin and represented Montana.


African Americans Could Not Initially Serve


It took up until 1870 to allow African Americans to have a seat on congress. The first African American man to serve was Joseph H. Rainey and he represented South Carolina.


The Speaker Is Third In Command


In the event something happens to the president and vice president, the speaker of the house would then take on presidential duties.


The Longest Serving Member Was 59 Years


A man named John Dingell was the longest serving member of the house, he started in 1955 and retired at the age of 87.


Only One Speaker Became President


James K. Polk was the only house speaker to ever serve as president after having a close political relationship with Andrew Jackson.

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