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How Are Laws Made?

Hello Fellow Americans,

Since we started doing a bunch of blogs on the infrastructure and different parts of the United States government, we thought it be only proper to discuss the in-depth process on how laws are made within the constitutional process.

So, let’s get started…


An Idea Must Be Formed


In order for a law to even be considered an idea needs to be made—whether this is from the president, a member of congress, a special group, or even citizen… an idea has to be there first.


A Bill Needs To Be Written

The idea is later brought to a sponsor, which is someone who has a strong affiliation with the belief in congress. They then write up a bill, which is a pre-liminary draft of the later written-out law.


Brought Up In Congress


The person who sponsors the bill then brings it up to congress and a committee is held to make any last-minute changes.


Goes To Approval Process


Now the House of Representatives will go through and debate the bill. If it is passed it will go to the Senate where they’ll have to approve it. Finally, it’ll go to the president where he can either give the final approval or veto the bill.


Overall, passing a bill is a long and treacherous process that should not be taken lightly—after all these are the laws that make up the body America. Let us know in the comments if you have any other questions on the law-making process.


See You Later Patriot!!!


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