How Is Money Is Made?

Hello Fellow Americans,

Everyone loves money—but do you know how it’s made? After extensive research we have found the step by step process of the U.S. treasury and we thought it would be cool to share it with all of you!


Let’s Get Started…


  1. Metal Engraver


First off, the image of the bill whether it be $1, $100, or $1000 is engraved on to a huge steel plates which is overseen by the bureau of printing and engraving.


  1. Ink Added

The sheets are curved and bolted onto a printing cylinder as the steel plates get brushed with ink.


  1. Sheets Are Inserted


The steel plates produce 20 tons of pressure as the special paper (made of cotton/ linen) feed through the machine—making about 8,000 sheets an hour.


  1. Sheets Are Examined


The sheets of money are then examined by a professional and any defective sheets are destroyed.


  1. Go Through Computer Scanner


These sheets are also put through a state-of-the-art computer system that checks for additional defects and inconsistencies.


  1. Cut Out


All the approved sheets of cash are cut out into separate bills and separated into stacks depending on the bill amount.


  1. Packaged & Distributed


Lastly the bills are placed into a bin with a special bar code and ready to be circulated throughout the economy.


The money-making process is truly fascinating and can be considered an art. Let us know in the comments of you enjoyed learning about the making of money and maybe we’ll include you in the next blog.


Stay Strong Patriot!!!


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