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How To Properly Research Before Putting In Your Presidential Vote 🤩

Hello Fellow American,

 With the 2020 presidential election getting closer, we want to make sure you’re properly educated and ready to vote in exactly what you believe in! So, today we’re going to give you some of the best tips and tricks to make sure you vote having all the knowledge you possibly can!


So, Without Further Ado…


How To Properly Research In The Upcoming Election

Try To Compare & Contrast Media Outlets


Don’t rely on just one source to validate how you feel about a candidate—watch a ton of different broadcasts, read a variety of papers, and form an opinion based on an array of information.


Determine Their Goals


This can be looked up through their personalized campaign sites or by listening to their speeches throughout their campaign trails. If their goals match up to what you would like to see the nation become, that should make your choice clearer.

Check Out Their Social Media


Almost every presidential candidate has personal and political social media platforms—look up and go through whatever you could find and make sure you agree with at least 90% of what they decide to post.


Consider Their Past


It’s good to know if the candidate has experience with politics as that makes them more well-versed and ready to take on the role of leading the nation.



Keep An Open Mind


Just because you may affiliate with one political party over the other does not mean you should cut a candidate out of your ballot. Look at the views and beliefs of both candidates and decide that way.


With these tips and tricks, you should be more than ready to go off to the ballots in this upcoming election—You Got This!


Stay Strong Patriot!!!


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