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How To Vote In 2020! 😜

Hello Fellow Americans,

With election day practically around the corner we though it only be proper to dedicate a blog on how to properly vote this November. We have the best tips and tricks to get yourself well-educated and ready to head to the polls.

So, let’s get started... 


  1. Research

Obviously, you want to know everything about both candidates, especially the one you’re considering voting for. That’s why you should spend a good portion of your time researching the presidential candidates—whether it be their background, plans when in office, or general morals…you need to know this stuff before making an educated decision.


  1. Keep An Open Mind


Just because you lean one way politically doesn’t mean you have to vote accordingly. For example, if you’re democrat but like a republican candidate better, don’t let that deter you when it comes to your final decision.


  1. Stick To Your Morals


Remember, no matter what policies or perks a presidential candidate promises you need to stick to the morals you personally uphold in your everyday life.


  1. Show Up


The most important thing to do is show up on election day ready to put in your vote. This is not something to take lightly as it determines the way your country will operate for the next four years.


Good Luck Patriot!!!


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