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Is It Really “Fake News” 🤔🤔🤔

Hello Fellow Americans,

 In an era where President Trump claims everything to be “fake news,” we naturally decided to investigate that accusation a little bit further. We are going to state all the reasons this potential “fake news” could just be a matter of opinions over facts.

This means we are going to explore every other option this news could be rather than fake— let’s get started…


A Lack Of Research


Usually, people who report on news have put in a lot of time and research—by claiming it’s not real without doing the same amount of research could pose the notion that it’s fact driven news.



Opinions Getting In The Way


Maybe the news being reported could be facts, but everyone is guilty of having a strong opinion that taints the perception of worldly matters.


Little Variety


As a citizen it is important to cross reference the news and not go based off one article or broadcast—this will help you decipher the gist of the story and compare/contrast.


Anyone Can Make “News”


Literally every person has the right to report on an issue, and not all of them are consistently factual—meaning it could be a lack of knowledge on a particular subject versus a falsified claim.



It Could Just Be Fake

This brings us to our last resort, that social media platforms could make stuff up for attention (thus making it false), but it’s important t to realize where this is happening and how you could get reliable news going forward.


So, what are your opinions on fake news? Do you think there is more fake news than real news? Let us know in the comments and maybe we’ll do a part two!


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