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More On The Judicial Branch!

Hello Fellow Americans,

After our last blog discussing the three branches of government—you guys requested in depth descriptions on each one and we’re here to provide. So, today we’ll be focusing on the Judicial Branch.

If you read the last blog, you already know the Judicial Branch is responsible for interpreting the law and setting limits and boundaries with any discrepancy it may have. However, there is so much more regarding the infrastructure and organization of this branch that we’ll discuss right here, right now! 

Let’s Get Started…

Made Up Of Judges & Courts


That’s right, the entire judicial branch consists of federal and supreme court justices, appointed by the president, and approved by the Senate.


There Are Over 96 District Courts


There are over 96 district courts that make up the judicial branch as they handle almost all federal cases.


There Are Over 13 Court Of Appeals


These courts supersede the district courts and also deal with major federal and criminal cases.


The Supreme Court Is On Top


You guessed it, the Supreme Court is on top of the pyramid and has the ultimate say in any federal or criminal matter if the case reaches this point.


Overall, this branch is primarily made up of the United States legal and court systems and holds additional justice-based tasks to allow the country to run smoothly on a daily basis. Let us know in the comments if you have any additional questions and maybe we’ll do a part two.


See You Later Patriot!!!