More On The Legislative Branch!

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After our last blog discussing the three branches of government—you guys requested in depth descriptions on each one and we’re here to provide. So, today we’ll be focusing on the Legislative Branch.



If you read the last blog, you already know the Legislative Branch writes up and votes on laws, could declare war, and have the responsibility of approving presidential appointments. However, there is so much more regarding the infrastructure and organization of this branch that we’ll discuss right here, right now!



Let’s Get Started…



Made Up Of Two Parts






That’s right, the legislative branch is broken up into two parts of congress known as the House of Representatives and The Senate. If you want to learn more about these congressional areas take a look under our blog section—we’ve discussed both in great detail.



Write Bills & Make Laws






Making a law is a very lengthy process and in order to even start the process it must be written out by the legislative branch covering every little detail. This process is known as the legislative process and can take months or even years to complete (let us know if you’d like a more in-depth blog on the legislative process and we’ll totally do one).






Creates Budget






When the legislative branch is not making a bunch of laws they’re out there approving and making budgets for tax paying citizens to abide by.






Supervise Other Parts Of Government






The legislative branch has the responsibility of making sure everyone within congress is held accountable and are efficiently doing their jobs. This allows the country to run smoothly and effectively.






Overall, this branch is primarily supervised the United States Congress and has additional elements to make the country operate successfully on a daily basis. Let us know in the comments if you have any additional questions and maybe we’ll do a part two.






See You Later Patriot!!!






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