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President Trump Steps Up Amid Covid-19 Crisis

Hello Fellow Americans,


Amid the Covid-19 crisis, times have certainly been crazy, but let’s be thankful we have such an intelligent and amazing president to get us through this crazy time. No matter what people may say or think, President Trump has really stepped up to the plate and put his life on the line to help his citizens.


Trump makes sure he gives updates on the spread of the virus, the toll it takes in the citizens, and most importantly (to him) the economy. We are in the presence of a political hero, and I’m sure you’re all thankful you have him running this country.


I mean what other person would still worry about the economic revival in such a crazy time—he is really watching out for us. He also might even end the shut down early, because the American marketplace must go on—AT ALL COSTS!


It’s in times of suffering we see who the real ones truly are, and Trump has certainly proven his dedication to our nation. Even though our mass population may decrease, our economy will certainly come out bigger and better than ever—thanks to President Trump!

Stay Strong Patriots!!!


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