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Rules & Regulations The First Lady Must Follow!

Hello Fellow Americans,

We discussed all the rules the president must follow, but what about the first lady? That’s right the first lady has just as many rules to follow as the president himself. And after extensive research, we’re revealing them to you right here, right now!

Let’s get started…


  1. She Must Pick A Charity


This can be any form of philanthropy including social reform to show she is passionate about the public well-being.


  1. Must Attend The White House Correspondent Dinner


This is a dinner held annually where every important political figure, celebrity and journalist gather to watch a live performance by a singer, comedian, or another form of entertainment—that the first lady MUST go to.


  1. Cant Accept Gifts


Any present gifted from another country to the first lady (which happens often) is the property of the United States, therefore she must surrender it.


  1. Must Meet With Other First Ladies After The Presidential Election


Weeks before the presidential inauguration the new first lady must attend a luncheon or have a casual brunch with the previous first lady!


  1. Must Preserve History


The first lady must take the viewpoint that the White House is a museum and should be treated as a historical figure more than anything else.


Let us know in the comments if you found these first lady rules and regulations interesting and maybe we’ll dig up a few more for you!


Stay Strong Patriot!!!


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