Trump 2020 -

Rules That The President Must Follow Part Two!

Hello Fellow Americans,

You seemed to love our blog on the rules and regulations the president must follow when in office, so we decided to do a part two! Let’s not waste any more time and get right into it…


Décor Rules


The White House could  be viewed more like a museum then a place of residence, so the president and their family are allowed to decorate only certain areas of the house as other’s are completely off limits.


The Brief Case


Whenever the president is travelling, he is given a special suitcase with all the nuclear codes held inside in the event of a national emergency.


The Cadillac One


Along with a new place to reside, the president is given a new car in which he must use (but is not allowed to physically drive), equipped with bullet proof glass and an insulated interior.


The Tree Theme


Every time the holiday’s roll around the Christmas tree must be assigned a theme by no other than the first lady—this was started back when Kennedy was president and stuck to this day.


Personal Expenses


The president gets a salary and is responsible to pay for their own food, toiletries, and all other personal expenses.



Let us know in the comments if you enjoyed these presidential fun facts and maybe we’ll do a part three!


Stay Strong Patriot!!!