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Rules The First Lady Must Follow Part Two!

Hello Fellow Americans,

After we made our blog on all the rules and regulations the first lady must follow, everyone went wild and requested a part two. So, let’s not waste any time and get right into it…


Must Host The State Dinner


This is an annual dinner in which foreign countries typically come together to enjoy. The first lady along with her staff work on decorations, a guest list, food, invitations, seating arrangements, entertainment and much more.


Personal Expenses


Just like the president, the first lady must pay for things like toiletries, clothes, and various other necessities.


Must Wear Designer


The first lady must buy tons of designer clothes for various events and outings where she’ll  be seen by the public.


Decorate The White House


For the parts of the White House that are not restricted, the first lady is given a $100,000.00 stipend to decorate with her own touch.


Must Pick A China


The first lady is also in charge of picking a new pattern upon entry for all the White House cutlery to keep it cohesive and themed for any guests that come by.


Let us know in the comments if you found these first lady rules and regulations interesting and maybe we’ll dig up a few more for you!


Stay Strong Patriot!!!