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Rules The President MUST Abide By When In Office!

Hello Fellow Americans,

Do you ever find yourself wondering if there are any rules the U.S. president must abide by when in office? I know I do–that’s why I did a bunch of research and decided to share it with you guys today! Your heard right…we’ll be discussing some of the rules and regulations the president MUST follow when in office.


  1. No Opening Windows


Of course, living in one of the most famous houses has it perks, but imagine not being able to open the windows to let in fresh air. However, this could be considered a breach of security and very dangerous for the president and his family.


  1. Plan His Funeral


Yes, although weird, one of the first things a president after being sworn into office is plan their funeral—in the event something happens to them during their presidency. This is mostly because a presidential funeral is typically elaborate, choreographed, and last several days!


  1. Pay The Mover’s


It may sound silly, but the newly elected president is forced to find and fund his own moving company to trek to the white house.


  1. No Driving


One of the leisurely activities the president and his family loses is driving—due to safety precautions and security purposes.


  1. The first Lady Must Decorate


There is no interior designer on staff at the white house, so it has become a historical tradition to have the first lady take care or everything regarding home décor.


Let us know in the comments if you enjoyed these presidential facts and maybe we’ll do a part two!


Stay Strong Patriot!!!