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Rules The President Must Follow When In Office Part Three!

Hello Fellow Americans,

You asked and we’re here to deliver yet another blog on the rules and regulations the president must follow when in office! Let’s not waste any more time and get right into it…


The Easter Race


The presidents of the past have set up holiday traditions that have lasted throughout the entire course of history up to now. This is no exception to Easter as the president must organize an Easter egg spoon race for kids on the front lawn of the White House.


Turkey Pardon


This “turkey pardon” all started when Clinton pardoned Harry the Turkey and has proven to be a presidential thanksgiving tradition since.


Always Under Surveillance


If you are a president or part of the family, you’ll be under 24-hour surveillance from the moment of the presidential oath up until death.


They Get A Décor Budget


As we discussed in an earlier blog, the first lady has the sole responsibility of decorating the white house and is given a whopping $100,000.00 to make it her own.


Limited Smart Phone Use


Due to security reasons the president is limited mostly to a blackberry but is permitted to use a smart phone that is always 100% monitored and under surveillance.


Let us know in the comments if you enjoyed these presidential fun facts and maybe we’ll do a part four!

Stay Strong Patriot!!!

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