Trump 2020 -

Rules The President Must Follow Part Four!


Hello Fellow Americans,

That’s right—we’re coming at you with yet another installment discussing rules and regulations the president must follow when in office! Let’s not waste any more time and get right into it….



Every Second Is Planned


The president usually has every second of the day accounted for and if he wants to squeeze something in, he must let the secret service know almost a full day ahead of time.


Secure Lines Only


All conversations the president has when in office must be made on a secure line. This is mostly for national security reasons and to ensure foreign intelligence cant intervene through the phone call.


No Convertibles


This rule was instituted after the assassination of John F. Kennedy—now the president must always be in a vehicle that has a bullet proof exterior.


First Lady Luncheon


After the president is elected, it's tradition that all the first ladies sit down and talk over tea or coffee to discuss life in the white house.


The Grand Piano


You heard right, the piece of furniture in the White House with the most restriction laid upon it—is the grand piano. It can be played, but not moved…not even an inch.


Let us know in the comments if you enjoyed these presidential fun facts and maybe we’ll do a part five!


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