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Rules The Presidents Children Must Follow!

Hello Fellow Americans,

You have been loving our blogs on the rules the president and first lady must follow—but what about the president’s children. That’s right, there are a ton of rules that the first family must follow and there is no exception to the kids. If you want to read about some of the rules the younger residents of the white house must follow— keep scrolling….


  1. No Social Media


When the president is serving their term, the children are not permitted to be active on social media. This is primarily for safety and security reasons—but imagine how tough that is!


  1. Not Allowed To Work For White House Administration


This applies to the president’s older children, but they are not allowed to work within the administration of the white house, because this can be considered nepotism.


  1. Attend Private School

The president’s children have to attend private school because this is considered ultimately safer.  


  1. Live In The White House


The first children (mostly younger ones) are to live in the White House with the president and first lady.


  1. No Driving


The no driving rule applies to everyone within the president’s immediate family—this is a security measure to protect the president and his family.


Let us know if you found any of these rules interesting or if you could not imagine following these super strict guidelines.


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