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Rules The President's Children MUST Follow Part Two!

Hello Fellow Americans,

You guys seemed to love our last blog on the rules the president’s children must follow—so we decided to do a part two! You’ll get to learn five additional guidelines that have to be obeyed by the first family!


Let’s get started…

They Must Attend The Presidential Inauguration


That’s right—if you are within the president’s immediate family, you must attend the inauguration. It doesn’t matter if you’re tired, have a previous engagement, or simply have other things to do— this has to be done!


Must Always Be Accompanied By The Secret Service


Being the child of the president does not leave much room for privacy. The first children must always be under the watchful eye of the secret service for security purposes.


Must Stay At The Blair House


This is a house located across the street from the White House and takes up the entirety of the block. This is where the entire immediate family resides throughout the president’s years in office.


Can’t Be Reckless


The president’s children are not allowed to roughhouse within the confines White House, because it is considered a priceless piece of history.


Take Breaks


The first children are entitled to take breaks from the spotlight and go to Camp David, a secret location not located on any maps to have an escape from the White House.


Let us know in the comments if you enjoyed leaning the rules the president’s children must follow and maybe we’ll do a part three.


Stay Strong Patriot!!!