Rutherford B. Hayes -

Rutherford B. Hayes

Born on October 4,1822 in Delaware, Ohio to Rutherford Hayes Jr. (a storekeeper) and Sophia Birchard—Rutherford B. Hayes was given quite a bit of turmoil in his life, but nonetheless he persevered and became extremely successful. Just 10 days before Hayes was born, his father passed away and his family began to financially struggle. Because of his struggles, Hayes took his education very seriously and after attending a general public school he was able to transfer to a preparatory school in Middletown Connecticut. Hayes graduated with the highest honors and was his class valedictorian and went to study at Harvard Law School and later opened up his own practice.

 After studying law at Harvard, Hayes had an immense interest in politics and primarily identified with the Whig Party. It wasn’t long until Hayes became an elected official, serving as a city solicitor in Cincinnati. However, once the Civil War broke out, Hayes temporarily left politics to join the Union Army. After being successful on the battlefield he was promoted to brevet major general and successfully led his men through battle. Once the war ended, Hayes served for U.S. Congress and worked mainly on rebuilding the nation after war. Later he ran for governor of Ohio and ended up serving three terms. In January of 1877, Hayes was nominated by the Republican party to run for U.S. president. After a successful campaign, Hayes ended up winning with the majority of the popular vote.

 Hayes was sworn into presidency on March 3,1877 and immediately got to work to ensure a major federal upgrade. Throughout his presidency, Hayes laid the groundwork for major civil-service reforms that made civil rights a more acceptable notion later in history. Hayes was also responsible for putting silver into economic circulation in the Bland-Allison Act of 1878, which aided in the prosperity of the economy in a post-war time period. Hayes also believed in the assimilation of others and enacted The Dawes Act—which forced Native Americans to follow capitalistic principles regarding their land (in an effort make the economy prosper even further).

 After serving as president for only one term, Hayes remained active in politics and served as commander-in-chief of the Loyal Legion. Unfortunately, Hayes passed away on January 17, 1893 from a heart attack at the age of 71. Overall, through the hard work and diligence of Rutherford B. Hayes we have one of the strongest nations in the world.


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