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Ten Facts About Donald Trump 🤩

Hello Fellow Americans,

As the 45th and best president goes up for re-election, I thought it would only be proper to just talk about how awesome he truly is—so, today we’re going to discuss ten facts you may not know about President Donald Trump.

 So, without further ado—let’s get started on…

Ten Facts You May Not Know About Donald Trump

  1. He’s Educated


Trump is quite smart and went to the University of Pennsylvania where he received his degree in economics.


  1. He Had A Reality TV Show


In 2000, Trump came out with the TV show called “The Apprentice” which is where  business professionals would compete for a $250,000.00 contract for their business ventures. This lasted for 14 seasons and gained Trump a ton of popularity.


  1. He Was Going To Run For President in 1999


Trump created some speculation of running for president back in 1999, but ultimately decided to focus on other things like his reality tv show and finances.


  1. He Doesn’t Take A Presidential Salary


Trump is the first president in history who does not take a salary for his presidency, thus doing the nations work for free.


  1. He Filed For Bankruptcy Six Times


Between 1991 and 2009, Trump claimed bankruptcy on his properties, which was more of a business tactic than a helpful hand.


  1. He Has 5 Children and 8 Grandchildren


That’s right between his three marriage the Trump family has amassed quite a lot of people.


  1. He Operates 18 Golf Courses


Trump has been a huge fan of golf and decided to own and operate his own, which proves to be a substantial annual income.


  1. He Has Been Under Three Political Affiliations


From 1987-2009: Trump identified as democrat

From 2011-2012: Trump Identified as independent

2013-present: Trump identifies as republican


  1. He Loves Fast Food


Even though Trump is a multi-billionaire, he prefers a McDonalds meal over anything g expensive or fancy.


  1. His Ancestral Name Was Drumpf


Before the major wars in America that cause a plethora of changes, Trump’s ancestral roots lead back to the last name Drumpf—how interesting is that?


Hopefully you enjoyed these fun facts about our nation’s best president. Let us know what your favorite fact was and maybe we’ll do a part two!


Stay Strong Patriot!!!

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