The Key Differences Between Facism & Communism

Hello Fellow Americans,

After going through almost all the political denominations, you guys have still been coming in with questions. Well, today we’re here to talk about the most extreme affiliations on the political scale that we were holding off on until now. We’ll be discussing the differences between communism and fascism—which are policies used in foreign countries, and not a common belief in the United States.

So, Let’s Get Started…

What It Means To Be Fascist

Definition: a tendency toward or actual exercise of strong autocratic or dictatorial control

Common Beliefs:

  • A devout belief of nationalism at all costs—this is most seen through political slogans, symbols, songs and paraphernalia. (keep in mind political slogans have become popularizes in the present day aside from fascism).
  • Control of media is quite prevalent in a fascist system (especially during times of war), this basically censors what the information the citizens can see and have access to.
  • Religion and government go hand in hand—meaning the religion practiced by the nation will start making its way into governmental rules and regulations.
  • Military supremacy, meaning regardless of the economic state, the military is given the highest amount funding and remains in a glorified position.


What It Means To be Communist

Definition: one held to engage in left-wing, subversive, or revolutionary activities

Common Beliefs:

  • Everyone could work and should work—otherwise the community has no reason to provide for them.
  • You receive goods and materials through labor and not through a currency system—without this notion it is believed irreversible problems could surface.
  • There are only two classes regarding national capitalism—workers and owners. Owners need to put in work to have their enterprise take off and workers need to have access of these enterprises to make a living.
  • A democratic process regarding money is non-existent—there are people who either have money or don’t.


So, although these are the two most extreme forms of government do you know where you stand (including the other 6 affiliations discussed in previous blogs)? Let us know in the comments below!


Stay Strong Patriot!!!


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