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Thoughts On Cuomo???

Hello Fellow Americans,

If you don’t know Andrew Cuomo, he is the New York democratic governor, and most people have a ton of opinions on him. However, amid the crisis we face today, a lot of America has changed their opinion on Cuomo and have started to love him (despite his democratic standing).

So, today I thought we could go over why people are changing their minds and are going crazy over Cuomo.

Let’s Get Started…


He Put’s Himself On The Frontlines Daily

That’s right, everyday you’ll see Cuomo out there doing as much as he can to help the nation during this crisis, even though he could get seriously ill.


He Keeps Us Updated

Cuomo reports on the state of the nation about three time a day to calm people down and keeps us constantly updated on status of our nation.



Puts Safety First

Throughout this whole crisis Cuomo had put state bans and enacted a bunch of precautionary measures. Although he may have gotten backlash, he continues to put health and safety first.



Keeps Us Stocked


Although supplies is hard to get, Cuomo manages to keep New York stocked up on masks and ventilators.


What do you guys think about Cuomo? Has he stepped up to the plate for the people? Let us know in the comments and maybe we’ll feature you on the next blog!

Stay Strong Patriot!!!


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