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Top 5 Historical Museums You Need To Visit!

Hello Fellow Americans,

In lieu of the world slowly going back to normal and people finally stepping outside their houses, we thought it be nice to talk about the top 5 historical museums that you totally need to visit. Whether it’s a fun educational trip or the need for an interesting getaway—you totally have to check these out.

So, before we waste anymore time, let’s get started on the Top 5 historical museums you need to visit…


  1. Smithsonian National Museum of American History


In Washington D.C., the Smithsonian covers various parts of cultural, political, social, and militaristic history regarding the United States. With over 3 million exhibits including the hat of Lincoln, many war artifacts, and even Hollywood memorabilia throughout history—you’ll certainly never get bored.


  1. National Civil Rights Museum


This museum is based in Memphis, Tennessee and includes various artifacts of civil rights movements in the United States throughout time. This was also the location in which civil rights leader, Martin Luther King was assassinated. The museum is currently rated one of the best civil rights museums in the country.


  1. The Metropolitan Museum Of Art


I can personally attest that going to the Met is a life changing experience. You walk into a world full of art from various parts of the world throughout literally every time period. This is definitely a bucket list type of experience.


  1. Ellis Island Immigration Museum


If you are of European decent or just interested in immigration processes then the Ellis Island Immigration Museum is the place for you. This is the location where many immigrants were brought to as a check point and processed before entering the United States—if you want more information definitely take the trip.


  1. Henry Ford Museum

This museum is located in Michigan and is perfect for a little taste of various aspects of U.S. history. This museum includes a ton of cool artifacts including the bed that Washington slept on and the limousine JFK was assassinated in.  


Overall, these spots are loaded with history and will certainly be a good time. Let us know in the comments if you decide to visit any of these spots and maybe we’ll include you in the next blog.


Stay Strong Patriot!!!


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