Ulysses S. Grant -

Ulysses S. Grant

Born on April 27, 1822 to Jess Root grant (a merchant) and Hannah Simpson Grant (descendants of the Massachusetts Bay Colony in 1630)—Ulysses S. Grant lived an interesting life and ultimately ended up on top. Grant was able to receive a formal education and attended John Rankin’s academy, where he academically excelled. Grant then moved on to attend a military academy, at first, he did not like the academy, but after a year it grew on him. After graduating he had an extremely successful military career serving as regimental quartermaster in the Mexican American War, the Brigadier General of volunteers in the Civil War, the Brigadier General in the battles of Belmont, Forts Henry and Donelson. After the war, Grant decided to stay active in the military as the commander—during a time of construction in a post-civil war era.

Grant initially had no intention to go into politics, less alone become the United States President. However, after his success on the battlefield in the civil war—he gained an immense popularity amongst the people. Grant ended up being nominated to run for U.S. president and simply gave a speech on his various goals and means of reconstruction, that had people going crazy. When elections rolled around, Grant ended up winning with the majority of popular votes.

Grant was sworn in on March 4, 1869 and immediately began to work on the ratification of the fifteenth amendment and bonds as a result of the civil war. Grant was primarily considered a president of civil rights and early on into his presidency signed off on African Americans being able to serve on a jury as a general citizen. Throughout the entirety of his presidency he constantly strived for the rights of African Americans and created a government to protect blacks and reconstruct the way the nation views civil government. With, Grant was also able to enforce rules and regulations to protect the Native Americans during his terms. Along with all his infrastructural work he was still able to deal with foreign affairs and succeeded in the annexation of the Dominican Republic and free trade with Hawaii.

After serving two terms as president, Grant decided to remain minimally active in politics and it is said he loved describing the stories of his war days in great detail to family members and peers. Unfortunately, Ulysses S. Grant passed away on July 23, 1885 from cancer at the age of 63. Throughout his entire lifetime Grant forged the successful path to the nation we all love and know today!


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