What Are The House Of Representative Requirements!

Hello Fellow Americans,

Ever since we did our blog on The House of Representatives, you wanted to see the congressional guidelines to even be considered for a spot within this section of government. So, let’s not waste anymore time and get right into it.


Must Be 25 Or Older


That’s right, age does matter when it comes to The House Of Representatives—you must be at least 25 or wait until you reach the age limit.


Must Be A U.S. Citizen For 7+ Years


Unlike the president you don’t have to be a United States born citizen, just a registered citizen for 7 or more years.


Must Live In The State They Represent


When one has a spot on the House of Representatives they represent a specific state and must live in that state as they serve throughout their term.


So, these are the three guidelines to be on The House of Representatives and can certainly be achieved if desired. Let us know in the comments if would ever work in the House and maybe we’ll include you in our next blog. 


Stay Strong Patriot!!!


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