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What Are The Three Branches Of Government?

Hello Fellow Americans,

Like I’ve said in many blogs before, the United States is a well-oiled machine with many intricate parts to run smoothly. And that is no exception when it comes to the three branches of government—Executive, Legislative, and Judiciary.

So, today we figured we’d do a quick run down on the purpose each individual branch serves the United States. So, let’s not waste anymore time and get started…


The Executive Branch


The executive branch of government can easily be the most powerful of the three branches as they enforce laws and appoint heads of federal agencies.


The Legislative Branch


The legislative branch writes up and vote on laws, could declare war, and have the responsibility of approving presidential appointments.


The Judicial  Branch


The judicial branch is responsible for interpreting the law and setting limits and boundaries with any discrepancy it may have.


So, these are the basic responsibilities of each branch of government, let us know in the comments if you would like in depth blogs on each one and we’ll get started right away!

See You Later Patriot!!!


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