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What Does The House Of Representatives Do?

Hello Fellow Americans,

You loved our blog on the responsibilities of congress, so we decided to do a part two—this time we’re going to focus solely on the House of Representatives. Let’s get started…


The House of Representatives can be defined as, “the lower house of the US Congress and other legislatures, including most US state governments.

Now what exactly is the House of Representatives Responsible For?

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Passing Laws


The House of Reps. is solely responsible for the making and passing of federal laws


Pass All Tax & Spending Bills Must


That’s right, the House approves and makes tax increases/ decreases as well as pass congressional spending bills.


Can Impeach Higher U.S. Representatives


The House is the only sector of government that can impeach a president or supreme court justice.


Decides President As Electoral College


If neither president wins the popular vote, the House of Representatives step in to form the electoral college vote.


So, let us know if you enjoyed learning about the House of Representatives and maybe we’ll explore this section of government even further in another blog!

Stay Strong Patriot!!!


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