What Does The Senate Do?

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We have done pretty much every blog imaginable about The House of Representatives, so today we’re going to be focusing on the Senate and discuss some of their daily responsibilities. Let’s get started…


The Senate can be defined as, “an assembly or council of citizens having the highest deliberative functions in a government, especially a legislative assembly of a state or nation.”


Now what exactly is the House of Representatives Responsible For?

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Approve Presidential Appointments


The senate is responsible for approving appointees like cabinet members, Supreme Court Justices, and highly ranked military commanders.


Try Cases Of Impeachment


After the House of Representatives officially impeaches a federal officer, the senate is then responsible for conducting the case.


Ratify Treaties


The Senate is primarily responsible for ratifying various treaties and bills with foreign governments, to keep benevolent relationships and come to agreements on issues effecting both parties.


Select A Vice President


The senate only selects the vice president if there is no majority vote within the electoral college—but pretty cool, huh?


So, let us know if you enjoyed learning about the Senate and maybe we’ll explore this section of government even further in another blog!


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