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What Is The Criteria To Become President?

Hello Fellow American,

Did you know before a president even runs there is a list of criteria they have to meet? These regulations are quite simple, but not everybody can attest to all of them. So, today we’re going to discuss all the criteria it takes to have an individual even consider presidency as an option.


Must Be U.S. Born


If you are not a natural born citizen of America, then you are automatically unable to become a presidential candidate.


Must Be 35


A presidential candidate must be 35 years of age or older—anyone can have this qualification with time.


14 Years In U.S.


The presidential elect must have lived fourteen consecutive years in the United States without taking any gaps to reside in a foreign country.


These are the three pre-requisites it takes to become a United States president—which means virtually anyone can do it!


Stay Strong Patriot!!!


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