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What Melania Trump Eats In A Day 🍴✨

Hello Fellow Americans,

After we revealed what President Trump eats in a day, you’ve all been wondering what his beautiful and elegant first lady decides to munch on every day. So, we decided to do extensive research and come up with what Melania Trump most commonly eats in a day.

Keep in mind, health and fitness have always been important to Melania as she is a formal model, and her diet is extremely healthy and balanced—So, let’s get started…




Melania likes to start off on the right foot and typically has a bowl of oatmeal or a fruit smoothie—and she makes it a point to not skip breakfast.




When lunch comes around Melania usually sticks to fruits and veggies with a side of protein—making sure not deprive herself.





Dinner time calls for Melania’s favorite meal which is chicken parmigiana—she doesn’t have this everyday and will always have a side of vegetable.




Melania always eats when she’s hungry and will have as much fruits and veggies as she desires throughout the day and if she wants something extra, she’ll have diet coke (amongst drinking tons of water).


Let us know what you think of Melania’s super healthy diet and if you share any similarities and maybe we’ll include you in our next presidential blog!  

Stay Strong Patriot!!!


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