Who Leads The House?

Hello Fellow Americans,

We thought we finished our section explaining the House of Representatives, but there was an overwhelming response to go over each section of leadership in the House and we didn’t want to disappoint. So, today we’ll be discussing the four sections of leadership within the House of Representatives.

Let’s Get Started…


The Speaker


Coming up first is the speaker of the House, they’re responsible for setting the order of business, moderating debates, and determining committees. The speaker is typically voted by the majority of the House of Representatives--currently it's Nancy Pelosi.

Majority Leader


The majority leader represents the majority party within the house—currently it’s Steny Hoyer, representing the democratic party.


Minority leader


The minority leader represents the minority party within the house—currently it’s Kevin McCarty representing the republican party.


Majority Whip


Is an elected assistant to the majority leader—currently it’s Jim Clyburn.


Minority Whip


Is an elected assistant to the minority leader—currently it’s Steve Scalise.


So, these are the people who aide in keeping together and leading the House of Representatives in order to make the United States run smoothly. Let us know in the comments if you have any additional questions on the House of Representatives and maybe we’ll include you on the next blog.


See You Later Patriots!!!


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