Why The GOP Is Awesome!!!

Hello Fellow Patriots,

If you’re a fan of Trump, which I assume most of you are, you probably all love the GOP (Grand Old Part). This is generally an extension of the Republican party and we want to talk about everything this political branch has done for our nation!

So Without Further Ado..

Why The GOP is Awesome

Cares About The American People


The GOP is always making choices and advocating for the American people at all costs and understands what being a true nation is all about!


Boosts The Economy ‘


The GOP is notorious for boosting the economy and keeps a lot of money in the pockets of Americans and out of taxes.



Handles Foreign Affairs

 The GOP is no stranger to foreign affairs and handles them with class and decorum.


 Believes In Military Funding


That’s right, the GOP will fight for the people who fight for our nation—meaning the people in the military forces will be taken care of if the GOP has political standing.


Cut’s Taxes


This goes hand in hand with boosting the economy, and the GOP will always fight for lower taxes and higher incomes for the citizens of America!


Tell us why you love the GOP and maybe we’ll include you in the next bog!

Stay Strong Patriot!!!


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