George Washington -

George Washington

Born February 22, 1732—Washington grew up in a wealthy upbringing and was certainly set up for success from a very young age. Although he did not receive a formal education, by early adulthood he was a talented draftsman and mapmaker. Washington was most known for his admiration of status and power as he made it his life goal to attain it.

Prior to his presidency, Washington had quite the expansive colonial military career. During the French and Indian War, Washington served as the lieutenant colonel and second-in-command to over three hundred soldiers. Once the war concluded, Washington had increased his regime to over 1,000 men. Fast forward to the American Revolution, Washington played a huge role in the efforts to separate from British parliament. Not only did he aid in the drafting of the U.S. Constitution, but he put his life at risk everyday on the battlefield with his soldiers! As a result of Washington’s sheer bravery and ambition, the U.S. successfully became free of British rule and formed what was known back then as the 13 colonies.

When it came time to establish governmental control after separating from Britain, Washington was the first that came to the people’s mind, as he was known for his strong sense of union. When the election occurred, Washington genuinely did not think he was going to win, but to his surprise he ended up receiving the majority of the popular vote. Washington was inaugurated on April 23rd, 1789 In New York City and began his presidential duties immediately.

Washington set out to establish a working economy and signed the bill to establish the first national bank –which we still make us of today. Along with that he established forms of government that became part of the grounded American tradition like the cabinet system and inaugural address.

Within Washington’s second term he was able to create the supreme court well also suppressing the Whiskey Rebellion, which in turn avoided total citizen outrage. One of his most remarkable notions was Jay’s Treaty, which allowed over time to establish some peace between Britain and the colonies post-American Revolution. To keep with the theme of peace he signed the Proclamation of Neutrality to ultimately avoid a second war, but this time with Europe.

When Washington’s term ended, he wrote one of the most important documents in American history known as Washington’s Farwell Address. This stressed the importance of unity and became a common reference in political debates well into the 19th century. George Washington ended up passing away on December 14, 1799—just two years after leaving presidency. Washington had an impact that grounded America to form the powerhouse of a nation we are today!

 Fun Fact: Washington’s teeth were NOT made from wood, but a mix of human/animal teeth as well as elephant ivory—all attached to a metal frame.


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