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What Are The Qualifications To Be On Supreme Court?

Hello Fellow Americans,

After all our blogs on the American Supreme Court, you wanted to learn more about the requirements one must meet in order to hold a position as a Supreme Court Justice or Associate Justice. And although there aren’t any super strict guidelines, there are things that must happen and preferences that should be met.

So, let’s get started…


Be Appointed


In order to sit on the supreme court either the Senate or president must appoint you to the position—as well as a democratic vote amongst congress being in order following the appointment.


Be A Lawyer


It is preferable to hold a position in the Supreme Court to have a law degree and  to have been a practicing lawyer at some point in your career.


Have To Be Well-Rounded


Being well-rounded in viewpoint is super important when dealing with thee cases held in the Supreme Court. Afterall justice is served and convictions are made in this court—it’s not something to take lightly.


Overall, the only real qualification someone on the Supreme Court meet is being appointed by the president and approved by the Senate. Usually anyone on the Supreme court is set up on that tract from a young age.


Let us know in the comments if you have any additional questions and we’ll certainly address them in another blog.


See You Later Patriot!!!


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